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Making Connections for Successful Relocation

Around for over two decades, WEB Media Group is a comprehensive relocation resource that combines the power of print, digital, direct marketing, and social networking. We create a valuable, one-stop resource for anyone actively planning a move to one of our cities.

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Why the Relocation Market Matters

According to Porch Group Media’s New Mover Trends Report, “Moving is the most powerful economic trigger in a consumer’s life. Not only are new movers a high spending audience, they are also in a transitional stage that makes them more open to developing new brand an product loyalties.”

The number of people that move in the U.S. each year

The average dollar amount spent per move

The percentage of people willing to try new products or services

The dollar amount spent per year by businesses to reach the relocation audience

Explore Our Relocation Guides

Our guides provide detailed information to help readers make the move with ease, armed with the knowledge they need to make informed decisions – before, during and after their move.

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We also produce lifestyle content

Check out our sister publication, Napa Valley Life magazine – the premiere lifestyle magazine for people who live, visit, work and play in the Napa Valley.

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Ready to Make the Move?

Ready to Advertise with us?

Ready to Make the Move?